The Green Dance Floor

Posted on Jul 27 2008 - 12:55pm by Richard Sharp

The Carbon Footprint DancefloorInnovation is going to be key to our fight against climate change and some individuals and companies have definitely got it while others are left watching in bemusement. Club4Climate is a one such innovative idea; founder Andrer Charalambous has had the unique idea of using the motion created on dance floors to generate electricity, which can then be used in part to provide power for the club.

The entire project is based around improving clubbers’ energy consumption and diminishing the negative effect on the environment. Organic beverages and waterless urinals (most clubs in my area are not only waterless but urineless too) will be combined with a wind turbine, solar power generator, and a piezoelectric dance floor.

The dance floor converts the motion of clubbers into a usable form of energy to power the pumps, lighting and other electrical devices. It does this through a combination of ceramics and quartz crystals. Any energy that is left over from the sustainable devices will then be fed back to the grid so that it can be used by houses and other buildings in the area.

Club4Climate even provides free entry to anybody that can prove they walked or cycled to the venue – sweaty armpits, windswept hair, and that kind of thing must presumably be the method of proving it.

It puts a whole new perspective on carbon footprints.

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