The Gyroxus Gaming Chair

Posted on Jul 25 2008 - 11:01pm by Richard Sharp

Gyroxus Full Motion Gaming ChairGame chairs have never really been my thing, which is quite peculiar really, because gaming most definitely has. They never look quite as comfortable as the old fashioned armchair with arm rests, and coffee table for drinks. And, to be honest, the sub woofers on the TV will generally do the trick for most games.

Then, there’s the seeming lack of comfort; they just don’t look very comfortable. Perhaps sitting with your knees tucked under your chin as though you’re assuming the crash position is the best gaming position available but I can’t see it. As such, the new Gyroxus looks even less appealing than other chairs – it looks decidedly like it’s made out of an old Volvo boot lining.

However, the Gyroxus full motion gaming chair will move seamlessly through every duck, twist, and bend that you make and work in perfect tandem with the movements of your body… apparently.

None of us would like to admit it but I fear we all duck and sway when we’re playing and as long as you don’t suffer from an acute form of motion sickness, the Gyroxus could be your thing. Until I get given one for the scientific purposes of reviewing, though, I shall continue to dislike the very concept of a gaming chair and dream of owning a Lazy Boy gaming chair.

If I’m completely missing the point do tell me.

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