The Hi-Tech Fujitsu Glove for Factory Workers

Posted on Feb 26 2014 - 10:12am by Robert

If you love gadgets and wear gloves at work then Fujitsu has just the thing for you.

The firm presented a hi-tech glove at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona lately. This piece of wearable technology includes both near field communication and gesture recognition technology.

The idea behind the Fujitsu glove is that it should appeal to gadget users who can’t operate phones or tablets when working because they wear gloves.

Due to be Launched Next Year


The glove is expected to be launched next year and will pass information to a head mounted display unit which is linked by Bluetooth. The user can touch an object and then see the details of it on this display.

The word from the makers is that their glove could be a boon for the likes of factory workers and building site workers, as they often have to wear gloves in their day to day work. If they work with equipment which uses NFC technology then the glove will know this and when the user touches it they will see the details on their headset.

According to Fujitsu, the glove could help companies to “streamline operations” as well as to reduce the number of errors committed.

The other new piece of technology shown off by Fujitsu at the technology event is a haptic tablet which said to let users feel “slipperiness or roughness”. The firm had a model of the tablet on show which allowed people to pluck the strings of a harp or to touch the scaly skin of an alligator.

Would you like to wear a glove like this at work?

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