The iLogic Sound Hat

Posted on Jul 24 2008 - 1:35am by Richard Sharp

iLogic HatThe iLogic Sound Hat – it must be good because it has a lowercase i preceding the word logic and that’s become one of the surest signs of high levels of cool in gadgets. This rather standard looking beanie is actually quite unique though, because it includes its own built in headphone/speaker type implements in the fold, so that they sit comfortably over your ear and enable you to listen to your iPod while you’re walking, riding your bike, catching the bus, or sitting in the front room(?).

Of course, you do need to plug your hat into your mp3 player and you may get some odd looks from those that believe you’re wearing heated earmuffs. The other advantage of the iLogic Sound Hat is that it further distorts and prevents you from forcing the unrecognisable buzzing that others have to endure when you are sit in a public space with your headphones on.

Less than £15 from IWOOT makes it something of a bargain, and we can all be grateful that the manufacturers have opted for a normal looking design with little more than what is a reasonably good looking graphic equaliser logo on the side.

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