The Immotor Go Scooter Gets Ready

Posted on Oct 27 2016 - 5:31pm by Robert

Could a battery powered scooter that you fold away “define the future of personal transportation”? The man behind the new Immotor Go certainly thinks so.

Daniel Huang is best known as having co-founded Mophie but he left that company earlier this year to chase the dream of creating a scooter that takes over the world.

The Go is said to be able to run for a maximum of 30km (some 18 and a half miles) on a single battery charge. This is the range if you use 2 power cells, while using just 1 will give you half that distance.

While this isn’t the first battery powered transport option we have seen recently, there are some important differences that Immotor hope will see the Go scooter stand out.

Will Get Software Updates


For a start, if you buy a Go then it will receive regular software updates to give it the latest upgrades. The basic package also brings with it cruise control, device tracking, intelligent GPS system and a facility for following you around on its own.

The battery is said to be completely safe, which should see it avoid the sort of combusting problems that have plagued other battery-powered devices in recent times. The manufacturer says that it used a customised operating system that will keep the cells well balanced and the power highly regulated.

You can take out the battery to use it to power other gadgets. It is even claimed that batteries won’t explode if they are damaged or even punctured.

The Immotor Go should be available in spring of 2017 with a $399 (£330) price tag if you pre-order.

Can you imagine riding around the streets on a battery powered scooter like this?

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