The In-Car PC

Posted on Jun 16 2008 - 8:31pm by Richard Sharp

In-Car PCIn-car PC offers a complete in car PC system that includes features you might ordinarily expect to see in a car like Sat Nav, DVD, and audio playback, but it also offers a full PC experience with Office software, Internet connection, voice recognition, biometric scanning, and more.

The PC uses touch screen display as well as the choice of using the usual array of computer input devices like a mouse or a keyboard. Alternatively, for certain tasks you can use the voice recognition software. If you saw the review of the in-car PC on the Gadget Show then you will have seen that you can navigate, edit, and send emails quickly and easily.

As well as WiFi connectivity and 3G Internet access, the system incorporates VoIP telephony such as Skype so you can make cheap phone calls whenever you’re online.

A digital freeview TV receiver lets you watch all the freeview channels, as long as you can receive a good enough signal. If you can’t, then you can watch DVD or listen to music instead. Numerous monitors can be placed around the car that operate independently from one another allowing different people to access different media.

The use of an in-car PC in your own car might prove limited. After all, if you can’t use a mobile phone while driving I don’t think it’ll be OK to send an email either. However, those that travel frequently, or find themselves sat in the passenger seat more often than the driver seat may find it to be a really useful tool. You can obviously pull over and send that vital email whilst on the move and don’t forget it has voice recognition software to! Is this the future of in car technology? I think it could be, look out for our review of this system soon.

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