The Jeans That Stop Hackers in Their Tracks

Posted on Jan 21 2015 - 9:00am by Richard Sharp

You might never have thought about the need for anti-virus jeans before but apparently you need them.

The good news is that you will be able to actually buy them soon. The internet clothing firm Betabrand has teamed up with the anti-virus company Norton to make trousers that are hard for hackers to get past.

The reason for this type of jeans to even exist is to stop thieves hacking into the owner’s payment cards or radio frequency identification (RFID) passports. By doing this someone can copy and steal the information held on the hacked property. This is a type of cyber theft that is growing increasingly common and these jeans could be a big help in reducing the risk.

Blazers, Suits and Other Anti-Hacking Ideas


They work by using a silver- based material in the pockets that act to block signals. The San Francisco located clothing firm behind the new jeans has said that they will go on sale in February and will cost $151 (£96). They will also be selling a blazer with similar anti hacking properties that costs $198.

You will also find that there are other anti-hacking items like this on sale or being developed by other companies. For example, Disklabs has produced a wallet and bag designed to stop this sort of hacking attempt. Another development comes in the shape of a possible RFID blocking suit being made by Pen Test Partners.

One example of when this type of anti-hacking technology can be used is when the police take away mobile phones as part of a crime raid. There have been cases in the past when confiscated mobile phones have been remotely wiped when they weren’t securely stored. Bags with this form of protection are now being used by some police forces to keep devices safe until they are fully investigated.

Would you wear jeans like this?

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