The Libratone Zipp for Multi-Room Audio

Posted on Feb 15 2016 - 4:34pm by Robert

The emergence of flexible multi-room sound systems is tipped to be one of the biggest gadget trends in the next few years.

A product that is now available in this respect is the versatile Libratone Zipp. This is a cylindrical speaker system that is designed to give you access to your music wherever you are.

The shape of the Zipp means that it delivers 360 degree audio wherever you place it. The quality of the sound may not be quite as high as on some of the higher end audiophile gadgets but it seems safe to say that it is good enough for most casual listeners.

It is a stylish speaker, although the plastic finish might not be to everyone’s tastes. However, the fact that different coloured mesh covers can be zipped on and off to it makes it highly versatile and changeable.


Up to 10 Hours on Battery

When you unplug your Libratone Zipp you can move it from room to room and let it run on battery for up to 10 hours. The other options is to set up a multi-room system a Zipp or a Zipp Mini in each room that you want audio in.

SoundSpace is the phrase that Libratone uses for multi-room audio set-ups. This means that by linking up speakers in two or more different rooms you turn into the same sort of audio space playing the same music.

You can group the speakers together using the bespoke mobile, by simply dragging them on top of one another. Alternatively, there is a button on the speakers for doing this.

The Zipp costs £219 and the Zipp Mini £179. You can order them now.

Does this kind of versatile, multi-room audio system sound to you like the way forward for music listening?

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