The Low Price Nokia Lumia 530 Set to be Launched

Posted on Jul 30 2014 - 10:20pm by Robert

The Nokia Lumia 520 has proved to be a massive success, becoming one of the best selling budget phones of all time.

However, it now has some competition in the face of, well, the new version of the Lumia. The Nokia Lumia 530 has recently been announced by Microsoft and it promises to provide another affordable entry level phone.

Classed as the “most affordable Lumia to date”, the 530 is expected to sell for around £70 in the UK. It looks very similar to the Lumia, with the main changes being an improved 1.4 quad core Snapdragon processor and an increased screen resolution of 854 x 480.

Some Changes, Other Things Stay the Same


The operating system on it is the Windows Phone 8.1 one, while the amount of RAM is the same as the 520, at 512MB. The one big downside is that the internal storage has been reduced from 8GB to 4GB. On the positive side of things, there is now a microSD slot on the phone. As with the 520, there is one camera – a 5 megapixel rear facing one without a flash.

The Nokia Lumia 530 is expected to go on sale across the globe in August. The low price and decent specifications mean that it is likely to be a strong competitor against the low cost Android phones at the entry level price.

Would you be tempted by this phone at the price it is expected to go on sale at? Do you think that there is a better value smartphone on the market just now?


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