The Mercedes-Benz F 125!: a fuel-cell hybrid from 2025

Posted on Sep 20 2011 - 10:08pm by Julius

To celebrate 125 years of automobiles, German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz provided a sneak peek of there it sees cars are heading with its F 125! research vehicle. The F 125! concept is a futuristic luxury car that differs from its other first class vehicles as it has an emission-free driving system.

It is surprising to see them look way into the future, as other research vehicles looked ahead one vehicle generation, which is usually seven to eight years. The new concept, which was presented on the 2011 Frankfurt Moto show, has a newly developed hydrogen fuel cell system, range of 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) and gesture controls. The company said that the F 125! looks forward more than two car generations, to year 2025 and beyond.

The F 125! is a four-seater, emission-free luxury car with a bodyshell that retains the style of recent saloons of Mercedes. Its bodyshell, which is constructed from a mix of carbon fiber, fiber-reinforced plastics, aluminum and high-strength steel alloys, is equipped with gull-wing doors for more safety, reduced weight and optimal access.

The F 125! does not use gasoline for power. The concept uses a mix of a new version of Meredes’ F-Cell system and lithium-sulphur batteries. With the aim to make hydrogen-fuelled vehicles that could achieve ranges comparable to today’s diesel models with no reduction in space occupied, the concept features a hydrogen tank that is fully integrated into its bodyshell.

“The structural integrated hydrogen composite unit of the F 125! represents a real technological revolution, as it allows the hydrogen tank to be fully integrated into the bodyshell structure for the first time,” says Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, a member of Daimler AG’s Board of Management. “In the future, vehicles with emission-free fuel cell drive systems could achieve the operating ranges of current diesel models with no loss of interior space.”

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