The Microsoft Smartwatch Might Appear in October

Posted on Jul 9 2014 - 9:05am by Robert

Rumours about the supposed released of the new Microsoft smartwatch are heating up, with October said to be when we can expect it so in shops.

Of course, we have heard about the possibility of a Microsoft watch hitting the markets for some time now. However, it now seems possible that it will finally be released around the same time as the Apple iWatch, which would seem to make sense if Microsoft doesn’t want to miss the boat.

Interestingly, the latest reports suggest that the Microsoft smartwatch will be compatible with other mobile platform. Most of the Android phones don’t have this level of compatibility and the iWatch is expected to be only for use with iOS devices.

A Screen on the Wristband


The new Microsoft wearable technology is believed to be similar to the Nike Fuelband but smaller and thinner. Intriguingly, it is also said to have a screen on the wristband, although it isn’t yet clear what form this would take or what it would add to the information on the main screen.

It also appears that the watch is going to be similar to the iWatch in the fact that it is going to be filled with a lot of sensors.

For the meantime, we’ll need to make do with these rumours until we get some more details on the launch date of the Microsoft watch and its features. If it even exists, that is.

Would you choose an iWatch or a Microsoft smartwatch, based on what you know about both of them so far?

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