The Most Powerful Porsche Ever, The Fastest Audi Ever, And A Skoda

Posted on Jul 19 2010 - 11:26pm by Matt Jackson

The line-up of new cars for July is a shortlist of supercars, albeit a very short list of supercars, plus a Skoda. OK, so the 1.4 litre Skoda might be sloughtly out of its depth in the company of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS but according to T3 you shouldn’t underestimate it and at £15,700 it is without doubt the most affordable of the line up by some considerable margin.

Porsche has released a strainge lineup of vehicles lately including the Cayenne which has at least cleaned up its act and almost made roadworthy 4×4 vehicles something that won’t cause you to be spat at when you hit London city streets.

This little beauty, though, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS to give it its full title is definitely back to Porsche’s roots of making fast, hot cars. 611bhp means that you can do 205mph and reach 62mph in just 3.5 seconds. Twin turbochargers and the kind of weight loss that would normally demand a gastric band has given light to these impressive figures but you’ll only be able to enjoy them if you have access to a reasonable strip of unused runway and £164,107.

The Audi R8 caused a major stir when it was first released, largely because it looked stunning and it went. The car that is billed as being the fastest Audi ever, the R8 GT, offers 560bhp from its V10 engine and has four wheel drive so you can hopefully keep it planted on the right side of the kerb when you hit a corner.Price has yet to be confirmed but you know what they say? If you need to ask then you’ve got too much sense to own a car like this.

For a more than reasonable £15,700 you can have the Skoda Fabia vRS which offers a 1.4 supercharged engine and lets you hit a more realistic 139mph. Instead of buying the Porsche you could have 10.5 of these, which would be really useful.

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