The Mouse Is Soon To Be Extinct

Posted on Jul 18 2008 - 11:20pm by Richard Sharp

The Mouse Is DeadResearch company Gartner has declared the days of the computer mouse are firmly numbered, to be replaced by other more intelligent input devices and the proof is already in evidence. Far from being a distant dream, Gartner believes that motion sensing and even emotion sensing devices will replace the humble computer mouse within just three to five years.

Motion sensing has already been popularised and introduced to the mainstream by the likes of the Nintendo Wii, while the iPhone and iPod Touch have done their part to unleash touch screen devices on the world. But apparently, these and devices like them are only the very tip of the iceberg and many similar devices will follow suit.

Certain applications of the desktop computer are likely to ensure that the mouse remains in relatively common use but certainly for entertainment and gaming, the likelihood is that it will largely be replaced by other, more complex devices.

The mouse turns the ripe old age of 40 later this year and, if Gartner could be correct, it could soon be drawing its pension although Logitech and other mouse manufacturers may have something to say about it.

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