The Mu-so QB for Music Everywhere

Posted on Jan 21 2016 - 3:22pm by Robert

These days, music lovers are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to gadgets for listening to their music conveniently and wherever they are.

The latest device that promises to fill our days with the sound of music is the Mu-so Qb from Naim. This is a cool little speaker that can be used to listen to some tunes in the way that best suits you.

The same firm introduced the Mu-so music system recently and they just revealed this new speaker at the CES 2016 show.

Despite its small size, the speaker has 5 drivers and it has been angled and offset to give the perfect sound, according to Naim.

Since there is no space here for a big bass port, they have opted instead for a couple of pistonic bass radiators that run along a woofer driven along by a 100W amplifier. The makers state that this gives an amazing depth of sound that belies the small size of the speaker.

A 32-bit digital signal processor lies inside the speaker and the whole thing can be controlled by a tactile interface. The volume control is solid and sturdy, in the shape of an aluminium ring.

Listen from Just About Any Source


Best of all, you can connect the Mu-so Qb to just about any music source imaginable. As well as having a 3.5 mm jack, it can stream audio from sources such as Bluetooth, USB, Spotify, internet radio and TIDAL.

An interesting option is to buy one for each room and then use the app to control them all and have the same music all over the house. The product will go on sale in March for an asking price of £595.

Would a sound system like this enhance your life or do you prefer a more old-school approach?

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