The new iPad, first thoughts written using dictation

Posted on Mar 16 2012 - 8:54pm by Richard Sharp

The new iPad, or iPad three as many are calling it, was launched on 16 March 2012 in the UK and worldwide. One of the newest features is dictation, a new way to write or search for things on your iPad using just your voice. This post documents my first thoughts on the new iPad using the dictation feature. The first thing you will notice is a few typos, this isn’t a mistake on my part (honest) it’s simply a few minor mistakes from dictation. It’s only natural after all.

iPad dictation

The new retina display

The new iPad boasts screen resolution four times better than the original iPod [iPad]. They call this retina display, similar to that seen on the iPhone four and iPhone for S [4s]. This is the strongest selling point for the new IPad, the screen is amazing. The best comparison you can probably make is to look at a photo on the iPad 2 and a new iPad, recent pictures from my wedding shows there really is no competition.

Speed, we need more apps

The Call Paul [quadruple] graphics means that new iPad has to work much harder than the iPad two. We are pleased to report that it keeps up very well, performing even better with high-end gaming apps such as Galaxy on fire two. The true test will come later this month when gaming developers release their new high end titles seen at last weeks launch event.

Dictation, not bad at all

Seeing as I wrote this entire post using dictation, I think you will agree that it works pretty well. Granted there are a few problems, such as it’s in ability to understand the word iPod [ipad] every time winking smiley [;-)]. One minor annoyance comes when you are rudely cut off midsentence, this happens from time to time when dictating longer sentences or paragraphs such as this. That said it’s not that big a deal, you have to check the sentences from time to time anyway!

Have you managed to get your hands on the new iPad yet? Are you tempted to buy one, even if you had an iPad 2 already?

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