The New Sphero Robot Is Educational

Posted on Aug 6 2015 - 2:49pm by Robert

The latest version of the Sphero robot looks like it is going to offer a lot more than just a cool looking connected toy. In fact, the Sphero SPRK could turn out be great news in the world of kids’ education.

The firm – which you might remember was called Orbotix before – brought out the SPRK programme last year. This was designed to start to use the educational potential of their products to help kids gain coding skills.

Now, the latest version of their cool robot is designed to carry on with this educational mission. This new SPRK model offer the likes of Bluetooth and a speed of up to 4.5 mph, just as the previous Sphero 2.0 did.

A Clear Shell and an App


However, this brand new version has a clear shell that makes it look even more modern and that allows users to see inside it. You can also now download a SPRK app to use with it. This is available for both iOS and Android devices. It can be used to set up commands on the robot far more easily.

´The device uses its own low level coding language, which is known as OVAL and which uses visuals to show users the different parts of the robot and its various functions. The Sphero SPRK Edition is now on sale in the US for $130, which works out as about £83 right now. It is said to be getting rolled out to for sale in more countries soon.

Do you think this is a good purchase for a youngster to use?

image courtesy of sphero


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