The Nintendo Classic Mini NES to Be Released

Posted on Jul 15 2016 - 9:13am by Robert

Do you sometime still feel a hankering for a game of Donkey Kong, Dr Mario or Double Bubble on your old NES system?

If you do then there is now no need to blow the dust off your original NES to get the good times rolling again. This is because the good people at Nintendo have announced that they are going to be bringing out a handy little device known as the Classic Mini NES.

This is a small sized console that will come packed with 30 of the most popular NES games pre-loaded onto it.

All Your Favourites to Be Included


So what games can you expect to play if you decide to get hold of one of these mini consoles? The list of titles includes pretty much all of the classics that you could hope for. This means that Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pac-Man and the games mentioned earlier are all on it.

If the idea has got you excited then it is time to take a deep breath and calm down just a little, as it isn’t yet available. The release date is going to be the 11th of November with the US price being reported as $60.

The old games are backed by more modern technology, as the console comes with HDMI and USB connectivity. US buyers are reportedly getting an AC adapter, which is something that British purchasers aren’t expected to receive with their Nintendo Classic Mini.

The new controller takes the same form as the original NES controller and you can get multi-player games by buying a second one. Interestingly, you can also use it with your Wii or Wii U for an even more exciting step back in time.

Which NES game would you most love to play again?


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