The Nokia N9 may not come to the UK

Posted on Jul 1 2011 - 5:35pm by Julius

Finnish mobile makers Nokia may not release its new MeeGo-based N9 phone in the United Kingdom according to reports.

According to the Inquirer, it has been more than a week since the cellphone giant announced its newest smartphone and there are hints that their new N9 will not be released in the UK. They discovered that in the phone’s product page, it doesn’t feature the UK, along with other major countries, in the list of countries to check for availability.

Mark Hindle, the communications manager of Nokia, told the Inquirer: “The N9 will begin shipping in 2011. We will share more information about the specific markets and the pricing closer to product availability.”

It appears that the N9 will be released in the Pacific part of the world, with New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore all in the list, which suggests a targeted approach for the release.

The European market’s ‘big six’ (France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain and the UK) are nowhere to be seen, which makes some people suspicious of their release tactics.

This solidifies the report from Dutch site All about Phones, saying Nokia is intending to release Sea Ray to “six major European countries” before 2012. We can all guess that those six countries are the ones that have been removed from the Nokia N9 launch plans.

This is quite a big disappointment, but it seems that Nokia is targeting the device to countries where it stands a chance of success.

Is Nokia making the right move to carefully choose where their products are going to be released?


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  1. Anjanu Sonkar July 2, 2011 at 6:20 am - Reply

    Ok so in ASIA that nay include India too…that means N9 is not comming to India…what a shame

  2. ScottW July 2, 2011 at 8:31 am - Reply

    This tactic of promoting the M$ version of the N9, at the expense of the MeeGo OS is about as subtle as a bucket of prawns out in the warm sun

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