The Parrot Asteroid Car Stereo Powered By Android

Posted on Jan 6 2011 - 8:26pm by Matt Jackson

One of the new products which has really got people talking at the CES 2011 is the Parrot Asteroid car stereo. The interesting thing is that this is far from being a normal car stereo as it includes a list of features which is hugely impressive and it is also very nifty looking.

The machine has a 3.2 inch colour screen, is powered by Android and includes several USB ports. With these ports you can add on a 3G internet connection, a GPS dongle and your different iDevices all at the same time if you want. You can also plug in additional storage space using the SD slot under the faceplate.

Standard Bluetooth connectivity is of course included and it has AM/FM and RDS capabilities as you would expect. The additional music features are what a lot people will be attracted to and here you can control the music player using your voice and search online for the music you want. Thanks to the great connectivity options you can play music from your iPod, MP3. USB drive or SD card. Bluetooth music streaming and internet radio stations are also options for you.

When you use the GPS facility you have access to Parrot maps and updates and live traffic alerts. With the maps service you can locate and call local businesses as you drive. The Parrot Asteroid can also be used to gain hands free connectivity when you have your phone with you and when you receive a call you just have to say “accept” or “reject”.

There will be a dedicated SDK and a marketplace where you can look for applications. This device is going to hit Europe first later on this year before being released in the US, so you will have the chance to be one of the first people to try out this great modern approach to the traditional car stereo.

The price hasn’t yet been made available but how much do you think a revolution in the way we listen to music as we drive is worth?  

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