The Pheromone Attraction Ring – For A Little Extra Help Getting Lucky

Posted on May 11 2009 - 11:30pm by Richard Sharp

The Seduction RingThe ITEP Program at NYC University is certainly earning itself a reputation for being worth every cent of the research and development budget they undoubtedly get. This time they’ve done it thanks to an attraction ring that sprays pheromones from tiny piezo tubes. What’s more, you get the choice of six different chemicals (three for each sex) in order to try and chemically induce romance with a passer by (normally a fairly illegal habit, I would have thought).

Unfortunately, while the ring itself is quite small when you consider what it does, it’s also pretty obviously not a standard ring worn by, shall we say, standard people. If you are interested then you’ll be happy to learn that all you need to do when you see a good looking female, or indeed male, about to pass you by without a second look is press the side of the ring to encourage it to squirt its love juice and attract you a possible mate.

According to there’s no news on whether the ring has been tested, either successfully or otherwise, and we can’t find any news of a potential release to the public. We’re assuming that if their had been positive results from any testing then we’d probably have heard about a lot more about it by now, but then maybe the test subjects are too busy to comment. Either way, it makes a pleasant change to read about gadgets that aren’t attempting to single handedly save the world.

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