The Portable Camo Hard Drive – Don’t Put It Down In The Garden

Posted on May 8 2008 - 5:38pm by Richard Sharp

It’s not often that a hard drive manufacturer has the cunning foresight to create camouflaged portable hard drives is it? And, if we’re being completely honest, there’s probably a damn good reason for that. But we’re not ones to shun the pointless because there will undoubtedly be somebody somewhere that has been keenly awaiting the introduction of a camo drive. Well, put your acrylic paint and brushes away, because Iomega has developed the hard drive that you can lose in your garden.

Iomega eGo Camo DriveAt £75 it isn’t that unreasonably priced and offers 250GB of storage and USB 2.0 connectivity. Clearly, it’s unlikely that you’re ever really going to have a need for a woodland camouflaged portable hard drive but if you just can’t get enough camo gear, or are sick of those boring, modern silver and black designs then the latest offering in the Iomega eGo line is definitely, possibly, for you.

Protected by an Iomega Power Grip, the drive is said to offer extra ruggedness and durability but it does lead you to question just what Iomega think you are actually going to do with a portable hard drive. There can’t really be any serious and legitimate uses for such covert periperals can there?

Iomega via Gizmodo

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