The Privacy Pillow Offers a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Posted on Apr 2 2014 - 10:00am by Richard Sharp

We are a sucker for any gadget linked to sleeping more peacefully, as we are sure you are too.

This being the case, it is with a shiver of delight that we read that you can now buy a Privacy Pillow. Even just the name sounds great, doesn’t it? It makes us think of snug nights in a big bed with our secrets all safely hidden from view.

So what is this thing then? Basically, it is a pillow. A privacy pillow, really. If that isn’t clear enough for you then maybe we could mention the fact that it has a –whisper it, please – hidden compartment. This measures 24 x 32cm, which we think means that it is ideal for pretty small things. You certainly aren’t going to be hiding the family silver in here when you go to sleep.

Sleep Soundly and Smugly


It has a patented hidden entry point, so that you stash your stuff inside and then sleep on top of it with a smug smile on your face.

What about the comfort factor though, eh? You don’t want to be sleeping on top of a lumpy, bumpy home safe, do you? The good news is that the Privacy Pillow promises us a good night’s sleep. It costs about £18 and is said to provide a soft touch polyester touch. It is machine washable as well, so even if you hide some chocolate in there and munch it while lying on the pillow you can clear up the messy results easily enough.

Would you feel safe putting your valuables inside a pillow?

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