The Robotic Printer that Delivers to Your Desk

Posted on Sep 12 2014 - 5:24pm by simon

Printing used to be a fairly dull thing to do but it’s getting rather more exciting these days, isn’t it?

While 3D printing rightly takes a lot of the attention now, how would you like to use a robotic printer to carry out your printing jobs for you?

The latest work from Fuji Xerox has been around producing a robotic printer that can move around the office or the home and bring the printed documents to the person who requested them.

Not Just for Lazy People


In fact, while it sounds ideal for lazy people it is said to be designed with public spaces such as offices or airport business lounges in mind. This is because it would allow private documents to be kept safe and only seen by the person who printed them off.

This mobile printer would include sensors so that it could make it to the right desk safely without colliding with people or furniture. It has been suggested that it one of the potential issues is that it might not be as cost effective as other ways of printing securely. For example, you could currently print off in a business lounge using your mobile device and collect the documents using a secure password.

The robotic printer has been getting tested out by Fuji Xerox in a business lounge in Tokyo in recent weeks. It works by giving each of the desks in the lounge a unique web address for printing purposes. The person using the desk then goes to their allocated web address and uploads the documents to be printed. The robot then wanders over to the desk and the person needs to use a smart card to start the printing process.

Would you like to try printing in this way?

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