The Satis Toilet and the Risk of Android App Pranks

Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 8:18pm by Robert

The idea of sitting down on a toilet which costs almost £4,000 is pretty exciting but it is also rather scary. After all, with most toilets the worst that can happen is that the lid falls down unexpectedly.

However, when you are talking about the Satis luxury toilet then there is clearly more capacity for things going wrong. Any bathroom device which offers automatic flushing, music, fragrance release and, gulp, a bidet spray has got to be something to be wary of.

The Satis was put together by a Japanese company called Lixil and it even has an Android app called My Satis (iPhone users, it seems, need to take a toilet break in a rather more old fashioned way).

The Same Pin for All Models

toiletThe problems begin when we realise that all of the models of the toilet use the same Pin code of 0000 when communicating with the app through Bluetooth. This means that, theoretically, anyone with an Android device could download the My Satis app and wreak merry mayhem on someone else’s rear end. A sudden and unexpected bidet spray is, after all, not something to be taken lightly.

Other pranks which could be carried out by someone with an Android and a twisted mind include opening and closing the lid at inopportune moments, putting on the air dry function or simply repeatedly flushing the toilet. Of course, the fact that Bluetooth operates over limited distances means that you won’t need to look very far to find the practical joker if you get a bidet spray when you weren’t expecting one or if your toilet appears to have gained a mind of its own.

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