The Smart Light Bulbs That Scare Away Burglars

Posted on May 22 2015 - 12:20am by Robert

There is an increasing number of smart bulbs around these days to help you get the perfect mood at home. However, few of them promise to scare away burglars from your house.

That is exactly what is promised with the new BeOB Home Burglar Deterrent bulbs. The first clever thing that these bulbs do is to learn your habits and usual time keeping. What this means is that instead of just having pre-programme timings they can turn themselves on and off in a very on convincing way.

The light bulbs also automatically switch themselves when someone rings your doorbell. These smart bulbs come with a backup power supply and will light up to help you escape from a fire if the property’s smoke alarm is activated, even if the lights are switched off at the time.

They Have a Mobile App


Of course, you won’t be surprised to see that you can control these bulbs with a mobile app. However, it isn’t necessary to own a smartphone or tablet to operate the bulbs. If you switch them off manually then you will be pleased to see that they fade out slowly instead of going dark before you can even get to bed.

It is currently a project on Kickstarter. The people who pledge between $199 and $269 get a three pack for a small house or apartment. For $395 to $535 you get six bulbs, while over $595 gives you a pack of 9 of them.

Backers can expect their bulbs to arrive sometime between April and August.

Do you think that smart light bulbs like this could be of use in your home?


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