The Smart Patch to Control Diabetes

Posted on Apr 28 2016 - 12:40pm by Robert

Among the many exciting and frivolous new gadgets out these days, it is reassuring to see that they are some extremely useful products too.

One of these is a transparent smart patch that has been designed by a research team at the Seoul National University in South Korea to help control diabetes.

It may not look like the most interesting gadget on the planet but this plaster could be a huge piece of news for diabetes suffered. It is made of graphene, which is an incredibly strong type of carbon that conducts heat and electricity.

It is still in the development stage but the basic idea is that the incredibly thin sensors in the patch read the person’s blood sugar levels easily no matter where they are.

Works with a Smartphone App


It works by working out the skin’s temperature and the pH / chemical balance. This data is then sent over to its own smartphone app, which works out the blood sugar levels of the person wearing the patch.

Even more useful is the fact that the patch has some tiny needles that can inject diabetes medicine directly into the body whenever it is needed.

It is thought that among the biggest benefits to this smart patch is that it would it a lot to monitor children with diabetes and to give them medicine when needed. It could allow doctors to very quickly find out the current situation with someone they fear has diabetes.

Do you think that this medical tech could be of great use in the future or do you prefer the old-fashioned approach as a way to control diabetes?

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