The Solar Powered Backpack

Posted on May 29 2008 - 4:10pm by Richard Sharp

Solar BackpackSolar is the big thing in ecogadgets. Portable, light weight, and surprisingly inexpensive solar chargers can be used to encourage life into most of your portable devices and at gadgetshop they also have a solar powered backpack. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you charge it up and then it packs and carries your personal belongings.

The bag includes a rechargeable battery pack for emergencies as well as various mobile phone connectors and a mini USB cord. Inside the bag you get numerous compartment type walls that you can use, ignore, or swear at when you’re attempting to single handedly juggle your laptop, mobile phone, and mp3 player into its cushioned confines.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on how effective the charger is but it does act as a moderately more subtle alternative to wearing a neon sign reading “Gadgets Found In Here”. Headphone access means you can listen to your mp3 player or mobile phone while storing it in the conveniently included storage compartments. A rain proof sleeve ensures that you’re protected against all eventualities including the unpredictable British summer.

The bag is designed for comfort with a padded back and numerous buckles placed so that they will take some of the strain when carrying heavier items.

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