The Solution for Shaky Videos?

Posted on Sep 10 2014 - 10:23pm by Robert

Have you ever taken a once in a lifetime video and then been horribly disappointed at the shaky footage which you had captured?

The good news is that a new type of hyperlapse software could soon be available to help us out. This would be extremely good news for anyone who wants to take great videos of action packed sports and adventures.

Stabilises and Speed Up the Videos


Researchers at Microsoft have come up with a solution that helps to stabilise shaky video footage and speed it up so that it is easier to watch. Essentially, the software they are working on looks at the footage and then creates new frames which help to make the video look a lot smoother and far less jumpy.

This could be a genuine revolution in the way that people use their wearable cameras while carrying out their hobbies, thanks to this breakthrough. The current problem with videos shot in this way is that they are, according to the Microsoft researchers, “dead boring” to watch at normal speed and nasty to watch when sped up.

The image stabilisation options which are available right now don’t tend to do a very good job of handling videos which are fairly long and need to be sped up. The people who have come up with a solution are called Michael Cohen, Richard Szeliski and Johannes Kopf.

There are three stages to the process, as the software analyses the footage before working out how best to smooth the footage and then adding in the extra frames as necessary.

Is this something that could help you with the videos you take?


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