The Solution for Surviving Tsunamis

Posted on Sep 22 2012 - 8:15am by Robert

It is fair to say that the interest you have in the following product will largely depend upon where you live. That’s because if you live in somewhere like Birmingham or Paris then tsunamis aren’t likely to be high on your list of concerns.

However, in some parts of the world it is a big danger and the recent tsunamis in Japan inspired Australian designed Matt Duncan to come up with a solution for anyone caught up in one of these giant waves.

Up to 4 Safety Seekers

He started off looking at designing a life jacket for dealing with tsunamis but ended up with a rather splendid looking Tsunami survival pod which can contain up to 4 people wishing to flee the danger rushing in from the ocean.

It is made mainly of spiral welded steel and can cope with up to 6 tons pressing down on it, while it also contains car like crumple zones to protect passengers. The racing style seats have 5 point safety harnesses and the windows are bulletproof, although you would need to be really unlucky to be caught up in a tsunami and have someone shooting at you at the same time.

The pod initially gives you 2 and a half hour’s worth of air in it and you can open some panels to let more in once this is running out. The cost is a cool $8,900 and it will be interesting to see how popular they are in the regions of the planet where tsunamis are known to be a risk.

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