The Steampunk Laptop Design

Posted on Jul 11 2008 - 2:48am by Richard Sharp

Steampunk LaptopThe Steampunk revolution has been building up a real head of steam for some time. While it was originally a design concept more than anything else, it has become more of a way of life. However, for the purposes of this little piece, we’re talking about the Steampunk design. Modelled on pretty much a parallel version of Victoria England, modern Steampunk design aims to combine modern items with Victorian style and steam power (sort of).

Buying anything in a Steampunk style is pretty difficult, and most pieces are one off or home designed and built. Much like the laptop pictured. It may look like something that the experts would swoon over on Antique’s Raodshow but under the exquisite hood it’s packing a Hewlett Packard ZT1000 laptop.

I think it would be reasonable to say that this particular HP has been modified just a little and you certainly won’t find it as one of the options on their website. You can create your own version using some of the tips on the Datamancer website, which also has details of some equally incredible updates and a few workshop style tutorials for you to try your hand at DIY Steampunk.

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