The Stinky Footpad Lets You Control the Action with Your Feet

Posted on Apr 5 2013 - 6:35pm by Thomas Sharp

When it comes to playing games on your PC your feet are probably rather underworked. Sure, they might be used to stamp on the floor in celebration or in frustration or to kick the cat away but they probably don’t help you out in any other way.

Well, that could be all about to change thanks to the Stinky Footpad. This wonderfully named device lets you complement your mouse and your keyboard with an additional way of feeling in control of games.

While it doesn’t take all the functions which are given by more conventional control methods it does give you four extra buttons. You can map certain controls over to their and if you want to use your feet for more than four things then you can use the likes of alt, shift and control to give you sixteen ways of using your feet to control the action.

You Can Customise the Response

It's got an odd name, it doesn't even stink!

It’s got an odd name, it doesn’t even stink!

It might take you a while to get used to this way of running, jumping and shooting but the Stinky Footpad looks sure to offer games an interesting alternative in the future. It promises an easy set up and if you like the customise all of your accessories then there are three different response settings you can choose from.

The arrival date in the UK is in June of this year and the cost has been reported as being £90 plus shipping. If you are really keen to get your feet working then you can pre-order one before this, though. Perhaps it will be most suitable for any gamers who get confused with the vast array on control on some modern games or maybe it will be ideal for someone who just wants to freshen up their game playing with something completely different.

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