The Streets of London Made into Music

Posted on Sep 26 2012 - 7:36am by Robert

If you were out and about in London over the last week or so then maybe you were lucky and came across the London Sound Taxi.

This is a vehicle which has been designed by sound artist Yuri Suzuki and which gave the noise of the UK capital a whole new sound.

Basically, it uses microphones to record the noises which go on around it. The sound of honking horns, yapping tourists and possibly even rogue Beefeaters is then mixed into some form of live music and then pumped out through the vehicles 67 speakers. It sounds weird and, quite frankly, it is.

The “songs” which were made on the streets of old London town are going to be uploaded onto the website run by Suzuki and the Sound Taxi will also be used later on for a live musical performance. Mark McKeague is credited as being the man who provided the taxi with the machinery to turn random street noises into music.

Different Reactions around the City

The vehicle was designed in partnership with headphone makes AiAiAi. A spokesman for the company said that the reactions of passerby differed from one part of the city formerly known as Londinium to another. It seems that Hackney is where it was received with most enthusiasm, especially by the local bus drivers, who seemed particularly keen on finding out whether the unusual cab could pump out some reggae tunes.

Meanwhile, in the rather more reserved setting of Mayfair a lot of locals had a good look at the Sound Taxi but without getting quite so involved in the whole project.

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