The Tie That Stops You Getting Lost in Tokyo

Posted on Jan 20 2014 - 6:53pm by Robert

Ties are great for a number of reasons although none of them spring instantly to mind, to be honest. However, one thing they aren’t generally bought for is negotiating public transport routes.

Well, things are about to change in the exciting world of neckwear for passengers, with the arrival of the rather fine Tokyo Metro Map tie from Bluebelland.

It looks like just any other tie at first glance, with a style which we believe lets the wearer blend in perfectly in the Tokyo underground train system. This is just as well, as that’s pretty much the point.

Is This the Train to Meguro?


This is a tie with a secret, though. Once the person wearing it has got completely and utterly lost and doesn’t know his Meguro from his Nakano anymore he just needs to take a sneaky look inside his tie.

Here he will find, to his secret delight, a plan of the entire Tokyo metro system laid out in all its glory. It’s a pretty complex map, as there are a number of lines and 142 stations on the Tokyo underground. This tie with a map inside it could be a real boon for tourists who want to be discrete but don’t mind wearing a piece of office neckwear while doing some sightseeing. To be fair, it is probably more suitable for travelling businessmen who haven’t gotten to grips with the underground system yet.

This is such a good idea that it could catch on elsewhere. Let’s face it; if you spent half your journey on the London Tube looking at the inside of your tie you wouldn’t look any weirder than the majority of the passengers anyway.



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