The Toshiba ApriAlpha Robot

Posted on May 27 2008 - 10:42am by Richard Sharp

Toshiba ApriAlpha - Toshiba is quite an advanced producer of robots and robotic equipment. Among their more recent prototype innovations is the ApriAlpha robot. Dubbed as the little home helper it can perform a substantial number of tasks to ensure the homeowner has an easy, comfortable, safe, and secure home life. Controlling home devices and appliances is only a small part of what it does, but it looks a cool feature.

ApriAlpha will learn infrared controls. As an infrared signal passes by, the robot will enquire as to what just happened and store the data. Once it has learned functions you can then use these functions by giving the appropriate voice command so you can control your television and other home appliances using nothing but your mouth.

Image recognition allows ApriAlpha to recognise people that give it commands while motion sensing and capture, as well as communicative processes, allow it to record images and send them to the homeowner. The speech synthesis capabilities could also give ApriAlpha the ability to read out emails, read the news headlines and weather forecasts, and much more.

The ApriAlpha is still only a prototype and is joined by ApriAttenda, a life support robot, in being the future of Toshiba Robotics.

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