The Ultimate Father’s Day RC Car

Posted on Jun 14 2008 - 2:45am by Richard Sharp

FPV Radio Control CarsForgotten Father’s Day and need to buy something really cool in order to make up for being late? Well, Fat Shark has the answer in the shape of FPV (First Person Video) radio controlled cars. A miniature video camera is mounted onto the radio controlled vehicle and images are transmitted back to a pair of VR glasses in a seriously cool, sci-fi HUD display type way.

The components can be bought separately so you can use the system on an existing RC car or you can buy the full kit including car, camera, and headset. What’s more, the glasses can be attached to pretty much any video device as long as it has an RCA adapter or wireless connectivity. Playing the Wii could certainly prove interesting.

Yet another cool feature is that by moving your head in any direction, you control the camera so that it makes the same movements. Tilt your head left and the camera looks left, and so on. Now, it is true that you might not want to play with this toy in public places – twitching your head from side to side while wearing a dangerously large pair of glasses and carrying something that includes a trigger is probably going to lead to 42 days detention in anybody’s book.

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