The USB Motorbike Engine Hub

Posted on Jun 11 2008 - 1:15pm by Richard Sharp

The Motorbike Engine Styled USB HubOn some computers, USB ports can be as rare as hen’s teeth but with more and more USB devices (and awesome USB gadgets) becoming standard, they’re an integral part of your computer setup. A USB hub ensures you have enough USB ports and it can prevent you from having to fish around at the back of your computer if you’ve got a PC that’s been designed by a half witted ferret that puts the most useful features in the most inaccessible places.

The USB Motorbike Engine combines the usefulness of a three port USB hub with the wholesome goodness of USB gadgetry. When you connect the USB hub, the realistic motorbike engine starts (fortunately, the engine does cut off so you don’t have to listen to it continually while using your PC) and you can hear the engine sounds and watch the intricately designed parts whir away.

The hub is plug and play so no messy, and oh-so-often failed installation is required and it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac based platforms. The USB 2.0 compatible device means you don’t have to keep switching wires from your computer to your MP3, digital camera, USB mouse and keyboard, or your USB mini fridge – who could ask for more?

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