The VooDoo Omen – That Is A Serious Piece Of Gaming PC

Posted on Jun 28 2008 - 12:28am by Richard Sharp

VooDoo Omen Gaming PCThe VooDoo Omen is the dream machine of gaming desktops. While managing to actually not look that much like a standard PC it also offers liquid cooling, a built in LCD display, and an almost baffling selection of build materials that make it pretty much incomparable in the PC and hardcore gaming market.

The water cooling system is a feat of engineering genius, and is more complex than the cooling system in most cars. The quad radiators, hard bent copper pipes, and a reservoir that is built into the PC make it truly astronishing.

Leather, wood, carbon fibre, and glass are all possible materials that you will be able to choose from in the near future. But even if you opt for the standard Omen finish it will again be likened to a car’s finish with proper paint jobs and everything.

Another positive feature is the almost complete lack of tool requirements. Open the door, slot in the new hard drive, close the door, and turn the PC on. The little VooDoo dolls that live inside the Omen then take the drive and install it for you, or something.

And finally, for now, the built in LCD monitor – it’s the bit on the picture that, thanks to the limitations of 2D imaging, doesn’t really look like a monitor but looks more like a VooDoo sticker. It works as a true monitor and actually hands control of its display to the user – instead of having to display useless and pointless information on it, you can essentially drag and drop whatever you want on there. For example, it can display when new email has arrived or you could slap an RSS feed on there.

VooDoo are in a happy position – at least for them, anyway – demand is going to far outstrip their capability to supply. Much like a hand built TVR this means that price isn’t going to be cheap and there will be a waiting list. Initially, in fact, it’s invitation only for those that have previously bought a VooDoo machine. Price for the basic model (we’re struggling to see what exactly you could call basic to be honest) would be around £3,500.

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