The Watch That Monitors Your Nissan

Posted on Sep 10 2013 - 8:50pm by Robert

The battle for the greatest level of car connectivity has reached a new stage with the arrival of the Nissan Nismo smartwatch.

This watch will help the driver monitor things like their temperature and their heart rate. However, the most interesting aspect of it is that it will also show details such as the vehicle’s average speed and fuel consumption.

The Nismo watch is expected to be formally unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is going to be running until the 22nd of September.  Having said that, we already know what seems to be the most important details of the device.

It can be hooked up to the computer system on board the Nissan and in this way used to monitor the performance of the vehicle. It can also be used so that the driver receives messages direct from Nissan.

The Next Big Thing

nissanGareth Dunsmore is the marketing communications general manager at Nissan Europe and he said that wearable technology is going to be the “next big thing” and that this watch lets them move forward in this respect.

Possible uses which have been suggested for car linked smart watches include being able to able to start up the vehicle or close the roof without the user having to go to the car to do it.

Other smartphone watches released recently include the Sony Smartwatch 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. It will be interesting to see what other car manufacturers bring out their own smartphones.

If you are going to buy a smartphone would you make it one which lets you connect with your car?

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