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Posted on May 16 2009 - 8:49am by Richard Sharp

Water ClockWhen it comes to incredible, if sometimes pointless, gadget designs clocks tend to perform pretty well with designers turning their hand to creating some of the most unique and unusual mechanisms and displays in order to help sell their wares. In the shape of the water clock, we’ve got perhaps one of the most innovative and definitely cool looking clock designs – like many of these designs, it isn’t cheap and it might be best not to use it next to the bed in case you inadvertently choke on the hour hand when you reach for a swig of water in the night.

The hour hand, in case you were wondering and we imagine you probably were, is the red dot you can see and there’s also a white dot which you probably can’t see and therefore weren’t wondering about which acts as the minute hand. The base has two rotating magnets that act independently in order to manage the movement of the hands. Also kind of bizarrely, you don’t get the cup or the plate when you pay the rather hefty £200 price tag but that does allow for complete customisation – you can use your favourite Thomas the Tank Engine set if you wish.

The designer responsible for this piece of clockwork genius is Kouichi Okamoto, and you can buy it online from the Generate Design website. Having looked around the website you should probably expect to see a few more design pieces cropping up here because it looks like a bit of a playground for such objects.

Source – CNET Crave

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