The Wii Wheel

Posted on Aug 23 2008 - 12:18am by Richard Sharp

The WiiWheel - That's A Nasty StutterThe Nintendo Wii is hardly devoid of innovative gadgets and peripherals – after all, it’s entirely incredible success story is built almost solely around the innovation of the Wiimote controller. It could, however, be argued that it does lack a line of serious sports and racing sims, so it’s a might peculiar that the latest peripheral announced is a fairly serious steering wheel controller.

A quick glance at the Wii white (check the Dulux colour chart, and I think you’ll find that Wii white has now been adopted as a genuine colour) controller tells you it’s a little different from the standard Wii fare. Made by Logitech it’s essentially designed for hardcore racing games and because it’s by Logitech you can expect high quality and an exceptional set of features.

Wireless feedback is used to give you the feeling that you’re actually driving (so it’s claimed anyway) and the controller also has an analogue accelerator and brake as well as a relatively hefty 200 degree turning circle.

Unfortunately, it will set you back £60 and considering it’s designed almost solely for Need for Speed Undercover by EA that’s a huge price tag that would prove difficult to warrant in most people’s books.

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