The Wind Up Universal Remote Control

Posted on Aug 12 2008 - 3:55am by Richard Sharp

Wind Up Universal Remote - A Step Too Far?Perhaps we’re going just a little too far with the wind up, alternative energy gadgets – the likelihood of me actually using the wind up universal remote is not that huge to be honest. Having to crank up the dial every time you want to flick channel does kind of detract from the whole convenient, labour saving ethos of the TV remote control.

Fortunately, things are rarely as bleak as they first appear and it’s alleged that the wind up universal remote will run for about a week after thirty rotations. The rotations are done through the use of the old school microwave dial set up and presumably you can give it more than a week’s juice if you like.

As it’s a univeral remote, you have to bear in mind that this figure may be based on the pensioner that only has a television and only changes channels between Coronation St and Eastenders. For those that intend to use the same remote for TV, DVD, games console, speakers, and satellite TV, the wrist powered requirements may be a little more intense.

£20 will buy you an ecologically friendly, renewable power based wind up universal remote and will go some way to help build your wrist muscles in the process.

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