The Wonderful World Of Home Automation

Posted on May 19 2009 - 4:29pm by Richard Sharp

The World Of Home AutomationHome automation is something that really gets our tech sensors going. The concept of being able to call home from the office, just before you leave work, and have the bath filled to just the right level with water of the perfect temperature and even having a cup of coffee ready and waiting for you as soon as you walk through the door is the perfect use of tech and gadgets in our opinion. While iHouse pretty much rules the roost in the US there’s a number of companies that offer similar products over here on this side of the pond too.

Companies like Install Automation, that you might have seen on 5’s Gadget Show, you can automate just about everything from the turning on and off of lights to the rising of your plasma television when you’re ready to sit down and watch Emmerdale in glorious high definition. Sound servers, DVD servers, and media changers not only automate but share a whole variety of your media in all the rooms of the house giving you complete freedom. And then, the ultimate in home control, Telestial Controls (even the name makes it sound incredible).

A telestial interface acts as a sort of middleman between your mobile phone and all of the tech in your home. You can control the heating, the lighting, and even your alarm system and the cooker if you so desire through the power of SMS text message. You create your own user instructions and then text the house with instructions on what to do. No more arguing with the kids when you want them to put the washing on – the house will do it for you. No need to panic that you’ve left the cooker on when you go out – the house will check it’s turned off. You get our drift.

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