The Workstation For Sleepy People

Posted on Jul 24 2008 - 1:24am by Richard Sharp

Ergonomic Workstation - Work Or Sleep, You DecideI know that a relaxed working environment is said to improve productivity, but the zero gee ergo workstation (or, as I like to call it, the Dentist’s Chair) is, I believe, taking things a little far. As a gaming station though it would be ideal, but for the rather small monitor. The laid back position can be used, it is alleged, for computing, gaming, and televisual viewing. And if you stay awake while in that position then you need to cut back on your stimulants.

The zero gee ergo workstation is still in the “looking for somebody mental enough to put money into this idea” stage and I believe it may well be there for some time. Or, at least, until the people that design Google’s office get a hold of it. It could be placed near the fireman’s pole and next to the bean bags in the meeting area.

The side console, which looks a bit like a cheap plastic in-flight cup and meal holder, is pretty much exactly that. As you’re nodding off, you can put your can of Coke and your pen down, and just let the A4 pad slip silently down to the floor.

Laptop with USB broadband modem, can of beer, sunny Saturday afternoons. Ok, maybe it does have a genuine purpose after all.

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