The World’s Largest Underwater Museum

Posted on May 16 2009 - 1:26am by Richard Sharp

Underwater SculpturesQuite often there comes a time when we find ourselves diving (quite literally, in this case) into the weird world of weird art and this is certainly one of those times. What’s more, if you ever visit Mexico (and, indeed, if you’re ever allowed to visit Mexico) then you too could be diving into the weird world of weird art too thanks to the quite unique sculptures of British artist Jason de Caires Taylor that will be sunk to the depths of one of the world’s most visited sites in the National Marine Park of Cancuna.

Between 250 and 400 sculptures will be sunk to the depths and placed between natural choral and sea life in order to create what will hopefully become man-made choral. Jason de Caires Taylor said that he hopes that it will become the beginning of the world’s largest underwater museum. The main piece, which will look something like the picture above although on a considerably grander scale, will encompass between 300 and 400 lifelike figures.

Over time, more artists will be encouraged to submit their own sculptures and work to be included in this unique scheme. Unfortunately, de Caires Taylor is, like much of the world, stuck outside Mexico at the moment since the outbreak of swine flu and has currently only finished two of the sculptures and considering plans are to have the first stages completed by September of this year, hopefully he’ll be able to get back out there and continue his work singing art to the sea bed.

Source – Wired

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