The World’s Smallest Projector – The Earth Trek 90-805R

Posted on May 29 2008 - 4:03am by Richard Sharp

The World's Smallest ProjectorNumerous blogs and related websites are talking about the Earth Trek 90-805R as being the smallest projector available. The fuss has been started primarily, it seems, because of the Pico projector boasting that it uses new technology to create even smaller projectors. However, where the Earth Trek wins out is in the fact that it is a standalone projector whereas the Pico is bedded into other items.

The Earth Trek will display images up to 22 inches in size from this remote control sized device. The only format it will play is MP4 so it is limited in this respect but it does have a number of connections so that you can stream content from mobile devices, external storage devices, and laptops.

Battery life is expected to be around 2 hours, so just long enough to watch most films, although you won’t be watching Titanic without having to re-charge the battery for a little while. Image quality won’t be great, in part because of the MP4 format dependency, but for a tiny projector it packs a more than reasonable punch.

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