The Ziggurat Green Pyramid Development

Posted on Aug 28 2008 - 5:49pm by Richard Sharp

Ziggurat PyramidThe Dubai based Timelinks company has dreamed up a staggering idea for future, sustainable property development. If it were from any other company in the world you might doubt the efficacy of it actually being built but if Dubai has taught us anything, it’s that monumental projects like this really can and often do come to fruition.

Even with that in mind, it’s difficult to see the green pyramid becoming reality any time soon. Measuring 2.3km square Timelinks predicts that it would house 1 million people while only using 10% of the floor space normally require for that many city inhabitants. This is achieved because the city is essentially encapsulated within its own structure.

The pyramid city will use wind and solar power to provide all of its own power and the transport systems would allow vertical and horizontal transport negating the need for cars within the city confines.

The plans include biometric security systems to ensure complete peace of mind for residents but, as this is only a pipe dream (so to speak) there’s currently no word on what would be done with the ablutions and other such unthinkables. Still, it looks incredibly futuristic considering its design is based on one of the oldest types of structure in the world.

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