Those Without Broadband Access To Benefit First From Super Broadband Service

Posted on Sep 3 2008 - 10:42pm by Richard Sharp

Super Fast BroadbandAccording to Ofcom, the regulatory board responsible for telecommunications and Internet issues, those members of the population that have previously been unable to enjoy the first generation of broadband should be the first to receive upgraded broadband to their homes. The advisory committee has stated that doing this would help ensure that the gap in broadband doesn’t continue to increase.

The actual practice of achieving this would prove difficult, after all there are reasons that certain areas cannot get a broadband connection. However, Anna Bradley, the chair of the Consumer Panel has stated that through private and public programs and proposals it would be possible and it would help ensure that everybody in the UK that wants it has access to a broadband Internet connection.

While it’s estimated that nearly 10% of Internet connected households in the UK use dialup, many of them could get broadband if they wanted (with some exceptions in certain areas). Dial up Internet is actually twice as expensive as broadband but a lot of users stick with their provider either because they don’t want to shop around for a better deal or because they prefer the payment method of dial up access where you pay for what you use.

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