Throwboy pillows turn geek into chic

Posted on Jul 8 2011 - 1:18pm by Julius

Throwboy is a company that creates custom pillows based on what’s popular on the internet. What’s great about it is there’s so many designs to choose from and eventually, you will feel the urge to collect all of them.

In the company’s Facebook page, they said that “Throwboy makes specialty throw pillows that cater to a geek audience… As a specialty throw pillow company, Throwboy stays ahead of the curve, making geek turn chic. These pillows are sure to please your inner geek.”

Most of the pillows’ designs come from buttons from popular sites like Facebook and Twitter, while some are based on Mac OS X icons (I really dig the iTunes logo).

Their biggest collection yet is the ‘Chat Pillows,’ where your favorite chat acronyms and sayings are written in colorful speech balloon-shaped pillows. Geeks from all over the world will surely love these things, collecting a variety of pillows that say n00b, FAIL, O HAI (popularized by photos of animals that look like their waving at the photographer), O RLY, LOL, and many more.

Throwboy founder Robert Hoyos said it all started when “I made some pillows that resembled Mac OS X icons as a Christmas present for a girl I was dating.” His girlfriend then blogged about the pillows, and that’s when their popularity skyrocketed.

“People love being able to express their geeky side beyond just their computer and gadgets,” he said.

Throwboy ships around 50 orders a day (1 to 12 pillows each order) and is making good business by making new designs based on ideas created online every day.

For more information, check out Throwboy’s official website.

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