ThumbsUp Dual Sim iPhone 4 Case solves multiple sim conundrum

Posted on Aug 31 2012 - 9:00pm by Richard Sharp

It’s an age old conundrum for iPhone 4 and 4S owners; how do you run dual sims without having to carry that little pin around with you? Recently we heard of a couple of cases which sport a battery and dual sims; but none of them really looked that good.

Today we got word from ThumbsUp about their new case which claims to hug the iPhone 4 whilst providing access to two sims for £29.99.

Sim-ple switching

Homebrew and half baked cases have required additional software or even the need to jailbreak your iPhone to make it work. This case requires no such tomfoolery; simply add the adapter and snap the case on and you are ready to go. The switch on the back of the case allows you to flick between two micro sim cards or standard sims without needing to remove the case; it looks good too and adds mere mm to the overall diameters.

Wojtek Kolan, Head of Business Development at thumbsUp! explains: “We’re really excited about this product. After talking through the annoyances of having multiple phones for work and personal use, we realised how much easier it would be if you could swap between the two, using only your iPhone. It’s an ideal tool for those who hate to feel cut off, and a perfect example of using technology to make life simpler and cheaper!”

Why would you want one?

This type of solution is ideal for people who run two sims. This could be a business sim and personal sim; or a sim for use abroad and one at home. It eliminates the need to carry your extra sim in your bag or wallet and the case even incorporates a sim key to open the iPhones main sim holder.

As mentioned earlier ThumbsUp will be charging £29.99 for this case when it goes on sale in September. We will reserve complete judgement until we’ve reviewed it, but based on the blurb and images we’ve seen it looks like the ideal solution for people needing dual sim access on the move. What do you think? Would you buy one?


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