Tight git wallet

Posted on Jan 15 2009 - 2:38am by David Gray

awallet.jpgWhen is a wallet not a wallet? When it is sewn tight shut so you cannot get access to your money and other people will need to bail you out!

This excellent tight git wallet is sewn shut and no matter how hard you try there is just no way to get your money out next time you are down the pub. How many times have we all been stung by that person who seems to lose their money or leave their wallet at home every single time they are out?

How many times have you been forced to put your hand in your pocket for a shared taxi fare, food on the way home, a drink or any other night out expenses? Well, now you can put your money away and sponge off your friends to see how they feel when money is tight and their friend is even tighter!

Intriguingly while this is a wallet for the more tight-fisted amongst us, if you just unpick the stitching it is actually a quality wallet although it is emblazoned with the words “tight git wallet” down the side. Possibly the perfect gift for your friend who never has any money or why not treat yourself and get your friends to pay for it!

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